We specialize in curating and selling women's designer handbags, accessories & jewelry on consignment.


Receive an appraisal by submitting a CONSIGNMENT APPLICATION!


For any questions, it is best to email us directly!

  • Email: sorelleoysterbay@gmail.com
  • Call/Text: (516) 939-8919


TERMS: Accepted items are required to stay with Sorelle for a minimum of 60 days on consignment. If you wish to reclaim any unsold items after 60 days, you may email sorelleoysterbay@gmail.com with your request.

  • If any item remains unsold after 60 days, you may request a return shipment at your expense. We are currently offering complimentary local drop-offs!
  • We will email you if we decide to terminate the selling period of an item for any reason. Once you receive notice of termination, you have one month to request a return shipment at your expense. If we do not receive an email requesting a return shipment within the one month period following the notice of termination, your items become the property of Sorelle Oyster Bay and will be donated.